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My name is Marphy Bink. I have many years' experience working as a lawyer, tax consultant and receiver in The Hague. In 2006 I made the switch to the corporate sector because I wanted to put my theoretical knowledge to the test. As an in-house lawyer I learned all the ins and outs of financial services. In my last position as a compliance officer with Achmea I was primarily concerned with Interpolis, with an emphasis on commercial non-life insurance.

What others are saying about Marphy's Law

'Marphy is not just an out-and-out lawyer. She is a lawyer who has a wealth of legal knowledge and a firm grasp of business. She is capable of recognizing and considering the interests of all parties concerned in contract negotiations. Marphy knows how to translate knowhow into workable policies. She distinguishes herself for her hands-on mentality. She is proactive, sees the lacunas in business operations policies, and comes up with practical solutions to fill those lacunas. She is not necessarily out to draft killer contracts but prefers to explore all options. She does this creatively and skilfully. Marphy makes a difference, because of her initiative, her entrepreneurship and because she is truly a partner in business.'

'Marphy's strengths? She has a lot of knowhow and expertise, yet at the same time is extremely practical; she turns abstract problems into useful and effective solutions. She has an energetic style and her enthusiasm is contagious – she is not afraid to take the lead, does not hesitate to act and is good at taking people in tow. Marphy is at her best when operating at the interface of manager and specialist. Coordinating, making connections, applying her knowhow: it all comes together. Of course it doesn't hurt either that she is a committed and candid individual, with firm values and standards.'

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